Kaeja d’Dance presents the Solo Dance Xchange

Xtraordinary TO Dances

February 1 – 3, 2018 – 8pm
The Guloien Theatre, Streetcar Crowsnest, 345 Carlaw Ave., Toronto

Xtraordinary TO Dances (XTOD) gives rise to a feast of 2 premieres: 
XTOD Solo Dance Xchange (live performance) and XTOD: Moments In Reel Time (film), A TEN-YEAR vision of Karen and Allen Kaeja’s brought to life at  Streetcar Crowsnest for three performances only

Dance enthusiasts will love this intuitive dance initiative produced by Kaeja d’Dance, running three nights only from Thursday February 1st to Saturday February 3rd, 2018 at the Guloien Theatre, Streetcar Crowsnest. Join us and 22 extraordinary dance artists for a raw, soul-exposing experience.

Produced by Kaeja d’Dance the Solo Dance Xchange is a platform for 22 extraordinary Toronto dance artists, including Peggy Baker, Nova Bhattacharya, Robert Desrosier, Pulga Muchochoma, Shawn Byfield, Karen Kaeja, and Allen Kaeja, who intimately expose and fertilize each other’s creative processes with essences of what makes them who they are. Coming from a multiplicity of generations and practices, these artists will perform a 3-minute stage solo inspired by the exchange of another’s original, improvised XTOD film footage, shot in the summer of 2017. This gateway between dance artists and their practices will give audiences a unique eye into what makes each dancer move and respond. 

 “When I think about the mosaic of evolving practices of dance art in our city and how we as dancers channel and expose our language through the body, it is rare to be in a situation of exchange via a serendipitous draw from a hat, where two artists learn from, witness, engage with, and are inspired by a morsel of one another while excavating for the self what inspires us to create. As a presenter, creating platforms for dancers to do what they do best is a constant passion.” Karen Kaeja

The Solo Dance Xchange is a dream that Karen Kaeja has incubated for a decade. We invite you to join us for an ever-evolving evening of a collection of extraordinary solo dances, live music, and a deeply engaging talk back. The original film, XTOD: Moments In Reel Time, shot in various locations within Toronto and directed by Allen Kaeja, screens (can’t say “premieres” because it only premieres once) before the show each evening!

Kaeja d’Dance
Xtraordinary TO Dances Concept – Karen Kaeja and Allen Kaeja
XTOD Solo Dance Xchange – Artistic Director: Karen Kaeja 
XTOD Moments In Reel Time – Artistic Director: Allen Kaeja
Featuring Peggy Baker, Nova Bhattacharya, Shawn Byfield, Michael Caldwell, Robert Desrosiers, Esmeralda Enrique, Jasmyn Fyffe, Roshanak Jaberi, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja, Benjamin Kamino, Hari Krishnan, Mi Young Kim, Emily Law, Claudia Moore, Pulga Muchochoma, Roula Said, Ofilio Sinbadinho, Santee Smith, Brian Solomon, Robert Stephen, and William Yong.

Lighting Design – Simon Rossiter
Composers / Musicians – Eric Cadesky and Phil Strong

The Guloien Theatre, Streetcar Crowsnest, 345 Carlaw Ave., Toronto
February 1st-3rd, 2018 – 8pm
General Adult Ticket – $30
Student/Senior/Arts Worker – $25

For tickets or call (647) 341-7390

The coolest couple on the dance scene.”  – Now Magazine

Since 1991, Kaeja d’Dance has created award-winning contemporary dance performances, site-specific works with large numbers of dancers, acclaimed dance films, and community engagement programs. An internationally lauded dance company with recent quadruple Dora Mavor Moore nominations for Karen’s Crave, they break ground, instigate risk and bring together dancers and collaborators to create experiences both on and off the stage, in local and international communities. With over 140 original works including commissions here and abroad, Karen and Allen’s signature aesthetic is known for its athletic intensity, sensual articulation and theatrical imagery, each with distinctly individual sensibilities.