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Renowned Toronto Chef Mark McEwan to Participate in First Annual Rosé Picnic

Canada’s First Rosé Wine Picnic celebrates popularity of this summer favourite.

Celebrating the rise and popularity of Rosé wines, Ian Sparks and Lori Heller, founders of Awesome Sauce, and Matt Dales, one of Toronto’s top event promoters, created The Rosé Picnic. Torontonians are invited to enjoy an afternoon with friends, celebrate summer and experience the versatility of Rosé wine paired with a sampling of delicious food offerings from Mark McEwan’s signature restaurants.

Chef McEwan’s portfolio of exceptional…

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Seven Degrees of Glory

Did you ever wonder why anyone would want to go to a “black tie” event unless their dearest and nearest just passed on? And does “dress optional” mean you’ve been invited to a nudist colony’s grand opening? It could be embarrassing to show up in the wrong state of (un)dress.

There are two rules to observe before getting dressed for any occasion, and paying attention to them will take you a long way toward…

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