Elasmotherium Sibiricum to replace Pandas in 2018 at Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo has confirmed a new exhibit opening for the summer of 2018 within the Eurasia Wilds area of the zoo. Due to the departure of the giant pandas, to Calgary Zoo in spring 2018, the exhibit will now become home to the Elasmotherium Sibiricum.

The Elasmotherium Sibiricum can be described as approximately six feet tall, 15 feet long, and weighs about 9,000 pounds, with a large thick horn on its forehead. The Elasmotherium Sibiricum (also known to resemble that of a woolly mammoth) can most often be found it its natural habitat south of Western Siberia. This beautiful and majestic species is currently on the brink of extinction and will be a wonderful addition to the Toronto Zoo.

For more information on the exciting future exhibit, check out torontozoo.com for updates!